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About The Brooding Muse:

Prepare to take a fearless plunge into the abyss with The Brooding Muse, a fantasy horror comic series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Immerse yourself in a world teetering on the precipice of war, where secrets are intertwined with the very essence of existence, and where killers hide behind masks of deception.


Within these pages, you'll discover captivating characters, delve into intense plotlines, and traverse a fantasy horror realm like no other, where the stakes are high, and no character is guaranteed to survive.

Our Series:

The adventure doesn't stop with just one installment! 

It unfolds across five gripping series, each a portal into bewildering mysteries of a world at war:

The Brooding Muse - Three vigilante anti-heroes find themselves at the center of an all-out war between killers seeking immortality. 

Dollhouse - A six-man shock team descends upon a deadly dollhouse with with roach motel tendencies.

Wasteland Blitz - Killers cast out into a wasteland vie to stay relevant amid a war-torn landscape.

The Jacket - Three vigilante anti-heroes bring it to our time in a race to stop Gruel: The Hate Breeder.

The Powered - After a meteorite hits a small town, a group of five find themselves in a multiversal battle to save humanity.

 Pledging to our Kickstarter will help us bring these five series to light allowing us to create intricate storylines that unravel the sinister secrets of this wicked world!

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The Brooding Muse is a profound labor of love, a journey into the darkest corners of our creativity.


 By supporting our Kickstarter campaign, you're not merely backing new comic series; you're becoming an integral part of this seductive and enigmatic realm, where every character's fate hangs in the balance.


Your support breathes life into our narrative, allowing us to unleash its full, chilling potential.

Join us, fuel our unwavering passion for storytelling, and become an indispensable member of the extraordinary team behind this project.

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